CLEARWATER, Florida – November 1, 2019 – New Nautical Coatings, Inc., parent company of Sea Hawk Paints, Blue Water Marine Paints, and Hawk Epoxy today announced the acquisition of the Flexdel and Aquagard brands of antifouling paints and primers from Flexabar Corporation, establishing New Nautical Coatings as America’s preeminent marine antifouling coatings company. Flexdel and Aquagard products provide hull coatings for the pleasure craft and commercial marine markets.

“The acquisition of the Flexdel and Aquagard brands, as well known easy to apply antifouling paints, will complement our existing Sea Hawk Paints premium position and Blue Water Marine Paints value-based position in the marine coatings market and provide New Nautical Coatings with an additional growth platform, while diversifying our offering to encompass, professional applicators and DIYers” said Erik Norrie, New Nautical Coatings’ CEO. “We believe acquiring the Flexdel and Aquagard brands will provide truly unique opportunities to create value for every type of marine customer in every channel that hull coatings are sold,” Norrie added.

The Flexdel product line includes Armor, Bottom Gard, and UltraGard antifouling paints. The Aquagard product line includes Aquagard water-based bottom paint, Alumi-Kote brushable and spray paint, Inflatable bottom coating, and Transducer antifouling spray. The products are sold through marine distributors and resellers as well as to leading private-label partners in the marine service industry.

A trendsetter of marine bottom paints, New Nautical Coatings, Inc. was established in 1978 and is dedicated to bringing only the highest quality products and customer satisfaction to today’s mariner. New Nautical Coatings is family owned and operated with a commitment to excellence. It provides a wide array of application specific marine coating products that include the Sea Hawk, Blue Water Marine and Hawk Epoxy branded antifouling systems, primers, solvents, and resins. Now offering innovative products globally, New Nautical Coatings, Inc. has enjoyed unprecedented growth and continues to grow as its brands become more in demand worldwide. For more information, contact Michael O’Keene at and (727) 523-8053 or visit